Are you a Helping Professional?

The world has changed and the current Pandemic may have severely limited how you operate.  iHelp is a new way of connecting with your patients.

You do not need to worry about acquiring clients, billing, support or operations.

We help you do this by:

(iHelp normally takes a 7% fee for every session completed, however, during this period of lock down, we will not be taking any fees.)

Using iHelp to subsidise your income does not make you an employee of iHelp. You are your own boss.

iHELP is an online platform for Helping Professionals to interact directly with people who need help.

How do sessions work?

Sessions are 1hr per booking and can be held via phone or video communication using the iHelp platform.

How do I get paid?

As a Helping Professional, you are in charge of your hourly rate. 

All payments are made securely through our licensed escrow service.  Receive funds via your PayPal account.

How do I use iHelp?

Create your profile here, it's free!

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